Play Work Play is a textiles brand with a difference

Inspired by organic forms, the brand will transform waste materials into useful and enduring things of beauty, in collections for both the fashion and interior markets.

Play Work Play celebrates traditional methods of printing and manufacturing, combining the idiosyncrasies of the handcrafted merged with innovative digital techniques. Lichen, flora and fauna largely inspire the first bespoke collection – a garden work-wear range. 

The brand is rooted in the circular economy, with a focus on re-use and zero waste. It repurposes waste fabrics – currently, breathing new life into high-end interior curtain fabric - through established relationships with local suppliers. These materials would otherwise be sent to landfill. We want to challenge the ‘throw away’ attitudes of mainstream consumer culture.

   (Image courtesy of KTN – the Knowledge Transfer Network)

(Image courtesy of KTN – the Knowledge Transfer Network)

We work collaboratively with British suppliers, young artists, craftsmen, designers and the wider community to develop the brand. The mechanics will provide opportunities for business and creative enterprise work experience through a rolling programme of internships, placements and residencies for young people, up and coming artists and practitioners.

Hazel Coombs, Huddersfield University Costume Design under-graduate, began work on the brand as part of her university work placement. This short film provides an insight into her experience.


If this has whet your thirst, we’d recommend you check out these great animations on the circular economy produced by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (Kindly reproduced courtesy of Creative Commons).