Supporting the production and promotion of art, culture and education since 2003

Hybrid Arts is a social enterprise that opens up creative opportunities to the community. 

Our core value is to build cultural and social capital through creative expression and skills building.

Our core purpose is to deliver high-quality, tailored opportunities that inspire, challenge and grow people.

Our practice includes:

  • Workforce Development – building the UK’s Creative Economy workforce of the future through programmes of work experience, internships and apprenticeships for all creatives, including young people, graduates, emerging artists and unemployed adults. Addressing the sector’s skills gaps by preparing people for work, building their confidence and experience
  • Training – delivering a suite of creative, industry-skills based learning opportunities for young people, adults, arts professionals, education professionals and the wider community encompassing enterprise, career mentoring, personal development and the honing of creative practices
  • Creative Projects – collaboration with community members, including young people and artists, organisations and creative industries employers to deliver specifically targeted projects and services
  • Consultation – talking to the community and feeding back on a statutory level. Providing professional advice and guidance to other organisations and practitioners within the creative and education industries
  • Supporting Members – providing services to our members, including mentoring start-up social enterprises

Through these activities we aim to promote the well-being of individuals, families and communities through opportunity, education and empowerment.