Hybrid Arts is an established presence in Warwickshire's creative economy, delivering skills through work placements and internships for young people.

This skills development is delivered within the context of a genuine brand.

What makes us unique is our operation as an independent social enterprise, enabling us to deliver an innovative and continually evolving skills provision that responds to the here and now, with eyes firmly set on the horizon.

All Hybrid Arts projects are underpinned by sustainable development. We want to equip and inspire the next generation of citizens, consumers and corporate leaders to make sustainable life choices.

We work closely with employers, business leaders and entrepreneurs to ensure our opportunities build the skills they need.



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Hybrid Arts' artistic spaces and our education of young people go hand in hand, offering creative and industry-based learning opportunities.


We develop skills in creative practices and thinking, sustainable development and enterprise with literacy and numeracy embedded.


Our opportunities are delivered by a team of experienced educationalists and artist trainers, supported by a rolling programme of interns, artists, local employers and alumni - a collaborative community of role models.


At Hybrid Arts, developing an understanding of sustainable development is a must. In an exciting addition, our textiles brand provides a live vehicle for all to engage with challenging practice within debates around sustainability.